Feelings are not facts.

This FREE blog was started up in an attempt to report the news, as news, devoid of rhetoric and spin. Whilst it is left-leaning I will do my best to keep subjective party politics well away from these posts. My aim is to inform and explain, not persuade and every blog post will have plenty of hyperlinks (highlighted) for readers to click on and see both source material for the posts, both factual and from the 'left', 'centre' and 'right'; as well as more information on terms with which you might not be familiar. I take no payments for ads., but donations are very welcome (click on title for full post and donations widget.)

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Hey Bob

An ode to Bob, who seems to think he has '#Me Too' sussed... newsflash, you don't. This poem records what ACTUALLY HAPPENED on a friend's thread today (full transcript available)

Attack in Finsbury Park 19/06/17

In the early hours, death and destruction came in the dark. With terror attacks on the increase, it it past time that divisions in our society and our government are no longer perpetuated by the news and by policy.

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