Feelings are not facts.

This blog was started up in an attempt to report the news, as news, devoid of rhetoric and spin. Whilst it is left-leaning I will do my best to keep subjective party politics well away from these posts. My aim is to inform and explain, not persuade and every blog post will have plenty of hyperlinks (highlighted) for readers to click on and see both source material for the posts, both factual and from the ‘left’, ‘centre’ and ‘right’; as well as  more information on terms with which you might not be familiar. Comments, as long as they keep their manners, are welcomed.

If new facts and citations come to light after writing a blog, the blogs will be amended accordingly, with updates if it is extra information, and re-editing if it contradicts any conclusions to which I had previously come. Nobody is infallible, no matter how careful the research 🙂 and I’m not afraid to admit if I’ve made errors.

I do not charge for this blog and any adverts are put here by wordpress.com. However if you are feeling generous and want to help out this poor writer stuck in their garret please drop me a few pennies- all donations gratefully received! Thank you 🙂



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