‘Traingate’ *sigh* and some fact-checking…

***Written in August 2016 in the face of a MSM s**tstorm over Corbyn sitting on the floor of a train, what could be the ‘real’ story, and the state of our railways***

Here is a link from the Guardian with footage of him sat on the floor: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/aug/16/jeremy-corbyn-floor-three-hour-train-journey-london-newcastle

The video here shows him walking through first class (empty ish) for which he did not have a ticket, a reserved carriage, for which he did not have a reservation and carriage H which is the food bar (it’s printed on the door in the stills, wth people standing up outside it because you can’t take those seats unless you’ve bought food, so yes there were ’empty’ seats in that carriage) where you sit if you’ve bought food, they are not reservable because they are not seats for the journey.

Virgin say in their statement and on their website that carriage H is the food bar. He ended up right at the end of the train (carriage A) where there are three witness with pics put on Twitter (thus time stamped)

traingate-2that say he was there with them, and they were standing/ on the floor too.

Ellen – who asked to not be named in full– told the Guardian that Corbyn had seemingly gone through the entire standard-class section of the train but had not been able to find a seat. The 26-year-old, who was with her one-year-old daughter and son, aged six, said she had similarly been unable to find seats.

“He’s not lying,” she said. “When I saw him he was in coach A, right at the front. He hadn’t managed to find a seat in the whole of the train. I was sat on the floor, there was no space for me to get a seat. There were people in every space between every carriage. It was totally overcrowded. They were full of bags and full of people.”

The reserved carriage was clearly not the same one as the one with some ’empty seats ‘as there were different posters on the wall behind him as he walked down it, even the clipped footage from Virgin shows that- they must think we’re stupid -_-


There may have been one or two seats when he first walked down but he was looking for two together as he wanted to sit with his wife. She took one of the empty seats while he went and looked for 2. By the time he’d done the whole length of the train, the seats were all full. Yet Branson personally took to Twitter using this exact photo to try and cast doubt:


The stills and footage has been cut to make it look like there were loads of seats, and this link here https://skwalker1964.wordpress.com/2016/08/24/traingate-cctv-analysis-shows-empty-seats-arent/ shows fuller footage showing people were actually sat in them. Footage can and was edited, including showing someone non pixellated that wasn’t even Corbyn, and have broken the DPA by doing this, in their rush to smear Corbyn- for which even the MSM have reported they are now under investigation. Here is the image, pixellated to protect the identity of the poor man they snapped instead from the footage Virgin released. We can see enough to note that he is in the reserved carriage too, as the posters are different in each carriage and these are the same as the ones in the above stills.

not cobryn train copy.jpg

I wonder why Blair poster boy and millionaire Richard Branson would want to snipe back at Corbyn, known advocator for nationalisation of the railways and prepared to doctor footage to do it? Are we supposed to believe (as suggested on Branson’s tweet about it) that Branson went through all the footage then sat on it for 8+ days, then coincided with a press release about his new Azuma trains (not coming in till 2018) to reduce congestion on services? At the time, Sam Tarry, the Labour leader’s campaign director, told the crowds at a rally not long after ‘traingate’ that Branson had released the letter because he was upset about Corbyn’s plans to renationalise the railways. “Some of you might have seen on social media today there’s been a little bit of a spat,” he said. “Richard Branson has decided he’s very upset about our not particularly radical plans to renationalise our railways, so he’s having a little pop at us. “I’d just say that’s very, very indicative – the establishment is absolutely petrified about what this campaign is about, what this movement is about.”
Who went through that footage really and sent it to Branson?

Why is less than 3 minutes of footage shown when he wasn’t able to get a seat (again said by him and Virgin) till 45 minutes in as a family was moved free up to first class so he could sit down?

Is this guy lying too? http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/bbc-stars-fury-144-train-9316736 and these people? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/road-and-rail-transport/8862481/Virgin-train-passengers-told-sit-on-floor.html (from 2011) and this woman? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1912543/Commuter-fined-69-for-standing-in-first-class.html (from 2008) sorry about these being the Telegraph…but it shows that people have not been able to get seats for YEARS.

The fact that it was Corbyn that highlighted this issue, known for not spinning information when this ‘looked’ like a media set up led to a foam-fest crying ‘HYPOCRITE’ of epic but sadly not of unmitigated proportions.


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