Useful links for the left-thinking ;)

Many of these MPs have a sign up option so you can get their info straight from them, unfiltered by the MSM. Socialist newspaper.

Cat Smith- often overlooked but identified quite clearly as a Corbyn core supporter by Labourlist. She is Shadow Minister (Cabinet Office) Voter Engagement and Youth Affairs, and the Shadow Deputy Leader of the House of Commons.

Andrew Gwynne, now head of the LP’s GE campaign, but with a long list of SC appointments and a decent voting record 

Barry Gardiner, often makes mincemeat of Andrew Neil on trade matters and looks pretty active on real socialist issues.

Disabled Activists Against The Cuts

Useful list of affiliated LP organisations

Frequent and clued up left leaning Twitter poster 

Look up YOUR MP and how they vote:

Look up Bills, motions, MPs and how parliament works

From their page “Public Whip is a project to watch Members of the United Kingdom Parliament, so that the public (people like us) can better understand and influence their voting patterns. We’re an independent, non-governmental project.”

What is a Union?

Will add more as I go 🙂


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