No, Theresa May, you do NOT get to appropriate the lives of the sick and disabled!

************OPINION PIECE************

The Daily ‘Mail’ has published a ‘doozy’ tonight, talking of May ‘driving a stiletto’ in Corbyn- nice bit of casual sexism there and echoes of knife violence all too reminiscent of the death of poor Labour MP Jo Cox too so bit of a triple whammy but that’s the Fail for you. We expect them to be sh*tlords.

Now I won’t be clicking on that. And you don’t have to either.

But it’s in the Fail, so let’s have a guess…and respond.

She doesn’t get to use her condition as a political point-scoring device. Not when 100,000s of sick and disabled people are in fear of their lives due to benefits austerity measures.


This does nothing to twist anything into Corbyn, I am sure he has empathy for her illness. He has empathy and compassion for many people.


This does NOT mean she gets a free pass from

being debated,

or her policies (whatever they are) challenged,

or being criticised.


If it won’t hamper her with EU negotiations, it won’t hamper her in the GE.

So nothing changes.

Mentioning this is pathetic and while I’ve not read it I bet a fair wodge of cash that she’s used words like ‘crushed Corbyn’, ‘weak’, etc.


No, DisMay, you don’t get to do this. YOU DO NOT.


Some might call this a cynical plot to gain sympathy, and make the valid point that years of government and MSM toxin and propaganda has trained People™ to ‘hate’ sick people. And wonder why that can be- why They™ ‘hate’ the sick and disabled. Why she might choose to declare she is ‘one of them’.

This could lose her votes from the ‘right’, who are not friends to those who are not able-bodied.

But it could also lose her votes from those who have illnesses or disabilities, those for whom the penny had not yet dropped as they had not yet had to access the ‘joys’ of the DWP. Those who fell for the lies of the Conservatives and had not considered they could be next, as they were never part of the 1% the Conservatives protect. Those who were happy to buy into the ‘scrounger’ narrative.


But that’s just one reason.

However, she blew that out of the water when she used DWP language and said she was CAPABLE OF WORK.

How many people have heard that? MANY more than just one person. Those who know they’re not and that when they got their letter TELLING THEM THAT THEY ARE, know that they’re not, so strike one. They’ll either think ‘about time a Con got the same treatment’ or think she’s weak.

Strike two? They know she’ll NEVER know that fear of getting one of those brown envelopes through the door.

They’ll be angry. 

She’ll never face a tribunal.

She’ll never have to describe her condition and how it affects her life in minute, humiliating detail.

She won’t watch as people close to her get their insulin reduced or even taken away in NHS cuts.

She won’t die because she can’t afford electricity to keep her fridge on so she can store her insulin. (Yes that happened.)

She won’t get so desperate when her money is stopped that she sets herself on fire.


And strike three?

We see (as I know the Fail) that she has no care or empathy, using words like ‘weak’ and ‘crush’ for those that might have vulnerabilities, the very vulnerabilities she says she doesn’t have with her condition.

This is the VERY Möbius strip logic the DWP use to f**k up the lives of 1000s of people.

This is the VERY NARRATIVE of ‘people faking it’ upon which the MSM and DWP THRIVE.

Therefore she is capable. Apparently. OR IS SHE?

(She isn’t really- though it has NOTHING to do with her condition.)

This will come back to bite her.

On the same day that this rubbish was published we see announcements that

  • Labour will end ZHCs  and HELP the vulnerable at home
  • that they will stop arms sales to repressive regimes to HELP vulnerable people abroad, show the UK does not support the killing of civilians by dictators,something that has cross party support– except by the Conservatives– if we look at THOUSANDS of Early Day Motions over YEARS of protest. And (if one is more right leaning) help to stop the ‘flood’ of refugees for whom ‘we’ are responsible (yes, I know, not nice, but that’s how they think, but they need to be more honest and finish that sentence- BECAUSE ‘WE’ BOMBED THEIR HOMES.)

NONE of this is ‘weak’, ‘unstable’ or talking ‘nonsense’.

(How am I doing with guessing what’s in the Fail article?! 😉 )

Neither are:

guaranteeing the triple lock for and reversing the rule for WASPI pensioners,

free education for all levels and free school meals,

the 10% tax rate,

funding the NHS and other public services,

building proper housing that is fit to live in,

a fair living wage,

maintaining and improving environmental protections,

and raising workers’ and human rights back to where they belong.

And neither is the Labour slogan ‘for the many, not the few’ taken from the words of the respected reformer Jeremy Bentham, unlike the meaningless ‘strong and stable’ Conservative NLP that Cameron also used.

Lynton (Crosby), her campaign manager, thinks he’s being clever but this will prove to be yet another gaffe.

Corbyn would never mention her illness or use it.

The opposition parties will continue to attack her bad record, her lack of any engagement with this election, her government’s lack of policies and if they have half a brain not mention her illness but make many policy declarations about helping the plight of the sick and disabled… 

And now, if she has ONE BAD DAY where her illness does incapacitate her, she can’t show it.

Every time she doesn’t appear, people will wonder if she’s sick…

Every time she comes out with her word salad people will think it’s the diabetes.

Every time she does something odd, like book an election event in a tiny village hall in the middle of a forest 14 miles outside Aberdeen, or not even know where she is

Remember when Hillary Clinton fainted in the American elections? All manner of theories shot everywhere- from possible Parkinsons to being unfit to lead.

She’s actually done TO HERSELF the meme I made ages ago… and she has been advised to do it too.

All adding to the rumours that the Conservatives are actually TRYING TO LOSE THIS ELECTION.

David Cameron Attends The Valletta Summit On Migration

Edit: unfortunately for us, May went even further this week (03/05/17). For more on her tinfoilhattery, please check out part 2 of the election blogGeneral Election 2017 Part 2: The Full Potato Election-from the sublime to the ridiculous..


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