Enough was enough a LONG time ago- London Terror Attack: 03/06/17

******Attack in London, 04/06/17******

I didn’t have the heart to fully blog on this in all honesty at first. All I can do is apologise on behalf of all the non violent people of the UK to all those affected, who do not want

  1. aggressive foreign policy and
  2. did not want decades of bombing the Middle East
  3. or selling arms to those who fund extremist movements and disregard human rights

that it is ordinary people who suffer when politicians willy wave. This time, at time of writing, it’s 7 dead and over 40 injured. And having Trident really helped, didn’t it?

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And for May to decide this 100% means we need ‘Tory Net’ is a reprehensible use of her TV time as PM today, (04/06/17) especially as she said she would stop campaigning today.

  • The Conservatives run the NHS and Trident on X -ing P and expect us to believe they have the wherewithal to actually run any kind of internet service with any acumen whatsoever? May probably thinks it’s made out of tubes. Jog on.
  • Plus- p*ss off, it’s ours to use not the Conservatives’ to control- they do NOT have a mandate to control a global system of communication.
  • And finally, FURTHER cuts to police, army and intelligence services, as well the decision to defund and turn off the CCTV in the area last year on top of all this makes it inevitable that some ‘plots’ get past them and then people DIE.

I have posted in the Manchester blog on this and will not go on about it here unless it is once again brought to the fore, I wrote in the early hours of the 4th June. And it would appear that is exactly what has rightly happened (see below).

  • Why, May, is it ‘enough is enough’ only now? (As per your speech.) Is that like ‘B*exit means B*exit’? So is this one ‘hard’ or ‘red white and blue’ because we’re already doing those by melting kids’ faces in Yemen by proxy, and bombing and shooting others all over the Middle East and North Africa more overtly, as well as inflaming a resurgence of sectarianism in Ireland with your dodgy dealings and your party’s dog whistle rhetoric.

Here is her speech, in summary


Anyone who wants less freedom in return for security that UK foreign policy has destabilised deserves neither. And anyone

  • crying out that it’s Corbyn’s fault, (his actual statement after this attack is here) because after 7/7 he decried Menendez being shot to death for RUNNING, because he ‘looked a bit Arabic’, and wished for shoot-to-kill NOT to be POLICY (which is not the same as not allowing it to be an emergency measure) a statement that has already been twisted, then forced to retract by the BBC Trust.


  • calling out for the death penalty for suicide bombers (er think about that for a moment, eh?)
  • or to deport these killers, who are 100% British born- where are they supposed to go?
  • or even more full flying potato, to ban all Muslims? Let’s call this what it is- Wahhabism promulgated by Saudi Arabia. That the UK directly fund, support and arm. That Amber Rudd in her Hastings hustings today (4/06/17) deliberately silenced the Independent candidate on, when he tried to talk about it (hope this link stays up, many have been taken down.)

need to give their heads a wobble.

There have been no identifications of the killers– that’s usually done within hours if they are ‘jihadis’. Yet the MCB still feels they have to apologise for them.


In an almost unprecedented move, more than 130 imams and Muslim religious leaders have said they will refuse to say funeral prayers for the perpetrators of Saturday’s attack in London. This might not seem a big deal, but without these, vital to the Islamic faith, their soul cannot rest and will stay in what the western world calls limbo. This is about a big a condemnation of the killers that the imams can do.

Apparently police have identified the three London Bridge attackers and will release their names soon. Which has now been done (evening of 05/06/17)- and as with the Manchester blog, I will not name them, rather; just say they were British born again, and not ‘white’ (though one name looks Moroccan/Algerian/Tunisian French in origin and the other has a Germanic origin; or with a different spelling, from Pakistan).

No oxygen of publicity here.

IS have claimed responsibilitybut they’d claim that if a dog farted and it sounded like ‘Islam’ or ‘Allah’. Of course much is being made of one of them having an ‘Irish’ ID card. Ok, so are we going back to Irish= terrorist like in the 80s and 90s, as ‘they’ can’t prove it’s an ‘Islamist’? Talk about climate of fear 😡😡😡

Possible Irish link being investigated

One of the terrorists was carrying an identity card issued in Ireland when he was shot dead, PA says, citing security sources in Dublin.

Further on the possible Ireland connection

PA says there are unconfirmed reports that the terrorist who was carrying the Irish-issued ID may have claimed to be from Morocco and that he was married to a woman from Scotland and had lived in Dublin [according to Sky News’ rolling coverage]


Not just here, but in Ireland, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Palestine, Israel, Afghanistan… where the ONLY common factor is UK and US interference in their affairs.

Allegedly, a Whitehall source says the increase in threats are on ‘unprecedented scale’. There were 13 terror plots foiled between 2013 and March 2017; but since then, EIGHT in SEVENTY days- by minor known ‘jihadis’ already on surveillance lists. So this rise started before the election announcement but after the Withdrawal from the EU Bill became an Actthe 2017 Budget that announced further drastic police cuts and May’s state visit to Saudi Arabia. There are a whole set of reason why this might be, but not perhaps is not yet the time to discuss them. But I will leave this here…


In the meantime May is outright refusing to answer these or ‘police cuts’ questions; like in Bath today (05/06/17); this week is Culture Secretary Karen Bradley who is in the limelight, Rudd having failed to divert attention away from the mess the Conservatives are making.

Here is the meat of Corbyn’s speech to be said today (04/06/17) as released by top Labour MP Jon Trickett, after the end of the Labour self imposed campaign suspension following the London attack.


All correct and verifiable through Governmental documents and police statements. 

And yes the tin foil potatoes are already out saying ‘but he didn’t say anything about opposing May’s control of the internet so he must be for it’. Er, no. It’s already covered in the manifesto (page 96) that there should be more protections for children to reduce online child abuse, but there are NO plans to make a ‘Corbynet’ (in fact he/the LP want a move to online voting and to allow more people to have access to it– page 12 of the manifesto) to try and counter May’s -ery on ‘Tory Net’: NOT a policy, NO mandate for so doing, is so pathetic that countering it would only give it legitimacy..

The other leaders had this to say, either as an official announcement or as said on BBC TVs election shows last night (04/06/17) and feel free to draw your conclusions here.

farron london attack copy

leanne wood may speech london attacks copy

lucas attack 2 copy

sturgeon and dugdale on london attacks copy

nuttall on london attacks 1 copy

nuttall on london attacks 2 copy

Today (05/06/17), Corbyn has backed calls for May to resign over this blatant figure fudging and blaming others for the police and public services cuts here explained again, by Ben Priestly, NPO for Unison today on the BBC, that have caused destabilisation of British security!

Corbyn said he was responding to concerns from all parties, including Conservatives, to back them, including 

Yet May tries to pin it on Corbyn and Labour, saying they backed the cuts! This is a colossal lie. Even the New Statesman in 2015, and the Telegraph in the same year, both Conservative backing outlets, show Labour have opposed them; and they have continued to do so. Here is VT Corbyn asking once again for assurances from May that the police are getting correct funding and support after the Westminster knife attack in March 2017. It is also available to view (but harder to find) on parliament.tv- the Government’s own streaming channel.

The MSM have leapt on this, unsurprisingly but few are criticising Corbyn now. And he has been clear – and not reactionary or foaming, or trying to capitalise on dead people’s tragedies- in the VT he clearly says the best way for the public to ensure she ‘resigns’ is by means of the ballot box on Thursday- he is not leading the calls for her resignation.


It is clear- she has to go. Let’s make June the end of May.



When the names of the victims have been released, with family permission, they will be put here as a memorial to all those who lost their lives, and are still fighting in hospital.

london victims copy

Christine Archibald; 30, a Canadian from British Columbia who died in her fiancé’s arms.

Kirsty Boden; 28, from Australia.
Sara Zelenak, 21, from Australia.
Sebastien Belanger, 36, from France.
Alexandre Pigeard, 26, from France.


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