Just a blog to try and provide foam-free factual pieces on the Labour Party and what is going on in the world around us. Not going to deny it’s left-leaning, but that doesn’t mean it has no objectivity. Written and compiled by a political, religious and military history, classics and ethics post grad who finds themselves fed up beyond all measure that NEWSpapers do not report the NEWS. And worse, posts articles as fact that can be debunked by a ten minute Google search. I’ve done the Googling, now you can do the reading! Comments and updates from readers always welcome, but no trolling of any sort will be tolerated.

Any student of history knows there will always be bias and works out how to dig through it to find any kernels of ‘truth’ or ‘reality’ the best they can. But I studied philosophy too and am well aware of the dangers surrounding even those concepts 😉

I do this for free, in my spare time (!) and while I try and keep up to date as possible, sometimes that’s not possible due to work. So

  • if I’ve missed something, drop me a line with a link or two and I’ll do my best to edit asap!
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